Build Your Own Hammock!

No-Sew Tablecloth Hammock Kit
No-Sew Tablecloth Hammock Kit
Regular price: $49.95

Want to build your own tablecloth hammock? The options are staggering, but we've put all the supplies you need in one place.

This is a no-sew design based on a whipped end hammock. It includes:

1) Your choice of a blue or red 126"x60" crinkle nylon tablecloth.

2) 24 feet of 7/64 Amsteel Blue for making whoopie slings.

3) A large and a small threading needle for splicing the whoopies.

4) A pair of beads to put on the adjustable loop of your whoopie sling.

5) 12 feet of 2.2 mm Zing It for whipping the ends of the hammock (1 foot on each end) and for making a 105" ridgeline.

6) A pair of 72-inch straps with loops already sewn.

7) A bag for your kit already made with a cinch cord top.

8) A pair of toggles for tying a marlin spike hitch connection into your strap.

Tutorials are available to help you through the process and you save money with one combined shipping fee!